Emotions can be very confusing.

    First of all, emotions feel exactly like feelings.


    The emotion of anger feels just like the feeling of anger, only it lasts longer than 5 minutes.

    Were you ever angry for more than 5 minutes? If yes, then it was not a feeling, it was emotional anger.


    The emotion of sadness feels just like the feeling of sadness, only it lasts longer than 5 minutes.

    Were you ever sad for more than 5 minutes? If yes, then it was not a feeling, it was emotional sadness.


    The emotion of fear feels just like the feeling of fear, only it lasts longer than 5 minutes.

    Were you ever afraid for more than 5 minutes? If yes, then it was not a feeling, it was emotional fear.


    The emotion of joy feels just like the feeling of joy, only it lasts longer than 5 minutes.

    Were you ever happy for more than 5 minutes? If yes, then it was not a feeling, it was emotional joy. This can be very discouraging news... it was for me. It ruined my life of the smiley face nice-boy, pretending to be happy as a show.


    Another reason emotions can be confusing is because emotions can be mixed together to create a single experience that is very convincingly intense. Mixed emotions are so intense and all-consuming that you probably believe they are real feelings. But they are not. Mixed emotions are just emotions, a gateway for a healing process for you.


    Below we will look at the Thoughtmap of Mixed Emotions. For right now, think about this: did you ever feel jealous? How intense it was? It was probably so intense you could not taste your orange juice.


    Did you ever feel like getting revenge? Did you ever feel guilt? Did you ever feel shame? Did you ever fees despair? Did you ever feel hysterical? Did you ever feel depressed? These are only a few of the many mixed emotions it is possible to concoct for ourselves as a survival strategy instead of powerfully unmixing the emotions and using each one separately to powerfully handle things in your life.


    Until now very few people in the world know about the difference between feelings and emotions, and even fewer are able to use their emotions as gateways for healing processes.


    People who are already trained to take you through emotional healing processes call themselves Possibility Coaches, Feelings Practitioners, or Possibility Management Trainers.


    If you feel called to learn how to use the Possibility Management distinctions, tools, thoughtmaps, and processes to help other people use their emotional states for gateways to emotional healing processes you might be interested in the Feelings Practitioner Certification program.


    If you feel called to train other people how to experientially distinguish between feelings and emotions and to guide them through authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes, then you may be interested in the Possibility Management Trainer Path and your first step would be to participate in an Expand The Box training.



    We want to talk about emotions not because we think there is a problem, or we think we can make emotions go away simply by understanding them. We want to talk about feelings for a very practical reason: talking about emotions can bring you clarity about emotions, and this can change your life for the better. If you have clarity about emotions you can have choice about going into the emotional states or not. You can also gain the power to distinguish between feelings and emotions and get your energy back from emotions. Emotions are a powerful invitation to experience a transformational healing process.


    The reason I chose to show a piece of Boticelli's painting of Dante's Inferno is because it is a thoughtmap. It is a thoughtmap of how Boticelli imagined Dante's version of hell. A map of hell could be quite useful if you were ever in hell and you wanted to find an exit and get out.


    Feelings emotions and not knowing they are emotions (thinking they are feelings...) is a lot like being in hell. Knowing the thoughtmap of 4 feelings is an amazingly powerful aid to getting out of emotional hell. Feeling emotions is part of surviving. There is a huge difference between surviving, and living.


    (Show full painting)


    There are four kinds of emotions. Distinguishing the four kinds of emotions is done by gaining experiential clarity about exactly how and why you created the emotion in the first place.


    1. Child emotions


    2. Parent emotions


    3. Gremlin emotions


    4. Energetic Vampire Entity emotions


    We will unpack each of these four kinds of emotions below.


    Are you already trained in how to recognize and get out of these four kinds of emotions?


    Imagine trying to be in relationship, trying to solve problems, trying to be in a group, trying to hold a post in an organization, trying to be a politician or a mediator or a manager or a sargeant in the military, or trying to be a parent or teacher or healer and not being able to navigate the shadowy world of emotions. It would be nearly impossible. This could explain a lot about the quality of your life so far... It could also explain a lot about the state of the world right now...


    Please steal all these ideas, thoughtmaps, and processes and give them away as far and wide and fast as possible. Possibility Management is all open code thoughtware. It is copyleft, protected by a Creative Commons Attribute and Share Alike International 4.0 License (CC BY SA 4.0 Int'l). Nothing in Possibility Management can be copyrighted. It is all dedicated to enriching the Creative Commons. Please give talks and workshops, write articles and books, make films and videos, and become more rich and famous than we are using Possibility Management. Please... this is thoughtware for next culture... for radically responsibility and regenerative human cultures. Please use these tools and clarity to build new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevent. Please help build the world your heart knows is possible. It starts with you. You can do this. You can make a difference. Every Matrix Point you gain playing StartOver collects more consciousness in the morphogenetic field of the human race. Every Matrix Point makes a difference. You gain Matrix Points by actually doing the Experiments, not just understanding the experiments, not just thinking about the experiments. When you do the experiments your life changes because the shape of your Being changes. Your new shape forces the Universe to interact with you differently. The shift agent team is growing rapidly and you are already on that team. Please keep going. You can do it.


    It is possible for human beings to grow up. You can help. Start with yourself, then help as many others as you can to also grow up. It is a magnificent life. I have the best job in the world. You can have my job. You are needed. Start with yourself.


    Doing the experiments that transform your emotions into clarity is a powerful, central, and crucial adulthood initiatory process. I wish you good luck on your journey.


  • Map of Four Emotions


    The Map of Four Feelings was created by Valerie Lankford.


    The Map of Four Feelings proposes that all human feelings can be created out of four primary feelings: anger, sadness, joy and fear. This thoughtmap brings a profound intellectual clarity to the domain of feelings, which is often regarded as confusing.

    There are only four feelings. That's it. This is often great news, especially for men!

    Other people work with five or six feelings (for example, disgust or shame). Our research has led us to treat disgust and shame as mixed feelings. They are sadness, fear and anger mixed together, each with different percentages: disgust with more fear mixed in, shame with more sadness mixed in.


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